GRLevel3 Local Radar

NEXRAD Radar KBOX status: Active [last data 0:05:18 h:m:s ago]
as of Fri, 08-Dec-2023 1:24am EST

Message date: Tue, 05-Dec-2023 10:56pm EST
KBOX is down due to a mechanical failure. Technicians will need to assess beforerepairs can be completed. No estimate for return to service.==================

Message date: Wed, 06-Dec-2023 9:38am EST
KBOX RADAR BACK IN SERVICE==================

NWS WSR-88D Transmit/Receive Status

Radar Type

GRLevel3 radar from NWS station KBOX

The above image was produced by GRLevel3 software using NEXRAD Radar data from station KBOX.